Connect your team and partners to deliver value.


A new way to manage your projects, enpower and provide flexibility to your team. Promote intrapreneurship and find the partner with the skills you need. 

Empower your team

A new project management solution to give full power to your staff, to invest in what they believe, to work on what they are interested, for the best of the company.

Build your network

Manage the workforce around you to deliver the best value to your customers. Manage your internal workforce as well as your partners in one place, and always find the best to assist you in any situation. 



Empower your team

MeeStart Project Management platform has been created with the goal of providing more power to employees, letting them take ownership in projects they are interested in. By keeping track of skills, feedback and interest of employees we create a network that allow companies to find partners with the best staff for a given project.


Monitor your projects and resources

Always keep an overview on the ongoing projects, scale where your partners need you. Monitor satisfaction of your partners and your team.



Projects done on time

Skills availables