Let’s review how MeeStart Project Management solution works and how it can solve your challenges.


Use AI for team member assignment

To ensure that we always find the best people for your project we look at previous bidding, previous project and users behavior to ensure that we maximize the chance of success of your project.

Provide more flexibility to your staff

Let your staff choose what they want to work on and when they want to work on project. We always find the best people based on their availability and skills.


Partners integration

When assigning projects, the algorithm will identify if you don’t have anyone available within your company with availability and skills, it allows your company to focus on his core business and better adapt to burst and calm periods. This also ensure other companies will find you when they need your skills.


Will provide you with the list of skills that are in high demand and skills that you could hire in your company to optimize companies income..


Rating and Feedback

At the end of every project feedback will be provided to ensure we find the best one for the next project. This also provide incentive for agent to perform their best on projects to keep great rating and get priority on next project.


Integrate with Slack for manage project with project manager, team and instigator.



When registering your company you can add your staff (as agents) with their skills. Agents will later be able to update and add their skills themselves.


You can add yourself or other members of your company, when you add them they will receive an email with their login details and be able to edit their profile, expected workload and skills.


You will have few options when creating a project, first enter the type of project your expected price and required skills and requirements. Requirements are other features you would requires from the agent, like location, language spoken, if you already worked with him etc. Based on those we will provide the list of agent or partners that will be able to assist you.



Our AI algorithm, will based on the previous bid of agents as well as grade on previous project will give you a list of the best people to perform the project, first people internal to the company are listed with their skills and requirements scores as well as acceptance probability that is based on price, availability of the agent and previous bid the probability that the agent will accept your bid.


Once you found the best people to assist you on your project, they will receive request for bidding that will allow them to specify if the budget, as well as starting and ending time are in line with their expectation, or they can suggest new pricing, the project creator will reply etc. until arrangement has been found.



Once you found your best agent, either with your company or at partners you will be able to collaborate on the project directly this includes adding notes, adding time entries to monitor time worked on project, checklist and files upload. Collaboration includes integration with your prefered collaboration platform, Slack, Microsoft Team etc.



At the end of project review the staff.



Provide feedback

Any time using MeeStart app you will see a feedback red tab on the right, please never hesitate using it to give your

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